Bret Baier: Executive Amnesty Would Be ‘Nuclear Political Bomb’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier told “America’s Newsroom” that if President Obama issued an executive action to essentially legalize thousands of illegal immigrants, it would represent a “nuclear political bomb on Capitol Hill.”

BAIER: There are already 50 House lawmakers who sent a letter saying that there needs to be an attachment to what’s called the continuing resolution, essentially the funding of the government that runs out Dec. 12, an attachment that says the president cannot do this outside of Congress. There are other lawmakers who say you should pull the strings of the budget process and take money away from the ability of the executive branch to be able to pull something like this off, this executive action. This sets up right away — before we even get to the new Congress — this battle and it could mean government shutdown, the fiscal cliff once again.

HOST MARTHA MACCALLUM: And that is what some people think the president’s intention was with all of this, to divide the GOP over this issue.

BAIER: Yeah, and that’s clearly what many pundits are looking at this, because for all the talk about common ground and what we can get done, if this happens it is essentially a nuclear political bomb up on Capitol Hill.

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