More People Tweeted About The First Comet Landing Than Kim Kardashian’s Butt This Week

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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Kim Kardashian tried to “break the Internet” this week when a photo of her posing nude landed on the cover of Paper Magazine, but recent data shows web users were much more concerned with another historic landing some 300 million miles out into space.

A chart by Topsy published in The Wall Street Journal tracking the words “comet” and “Kardashian” along with the hashtags #BreakTheInternet and #CometLanding on Twitter counted tweets from 11 a.m. Tuesday (when ESA’s Philae lander touched down on comet 67P) until the same time Wednesday. (RELATED: Spacecraft Lands On A Comet For The First Time In History)

Of the tweets including the terms and tags, 479,434 mentioned the comet landing, while 307,782 referenced Kardashian. The comet landing was also mentioned more positively with a “sentiment rating” of 64, while Kardashian received a negative rating of 43 (Topsy’s positive/negative ratings are divided at 50, with tweets scoring above as positive and below as negative). (RELATED: Kim Kardashian Goes Fully Nude, Free Of Charge [NSFW Pictures])

The data proves 10 years, $1.6 billion, 4 billion miles and countless hours of research, precision engineering and execution to unlock the secrets of the universe is still more impressive than a famous ass. (RELATED: Kim Kardashian’s Talent Is Balancing A Champagne Glass On Her Backside)

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