Shep Smith Slams Secret Service’s ‘FUBAR’ Response To Fence Jumper [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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The host of Fox New’s “Shepard Smith Reporting” called out the Secret Service for it’s extremely poor response to the White House fence jumper who managed to infiltrate the executive mansion, calling the situation “FUBAR.”

Smith laid out the many, many failures that allowed the fence jumper to infiltrate the White House; The door was unlocked, the alarms were on mute, the agent in charge of releasing the guard dogs was on a personal call at the time, one agent actually hid behind a pillar and a security team didn’t enter the White House because they “didn’t know the lay-out.”

In the end, it was a group of off-duty Secret Service agents who took the intruder down. “Well this is, I think the military would call it ‘FUBAR,’” he said. “Just bad.”

For the uninitiated, “FUBAR” is a military acronym, where the ‘–BAR’ stands for “beyond all recognition.” We’ll leave it to the imagination what the ‘FU’ stands for.

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