COMEDY GOLD: The Guardian Achieves Platonically Perfect Obituary For Obscure Leftist

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The Guardian, a left-wing newspaper out of London, has published an obituary about an obscure, self-proclaimed “revolutionary communist” that reaches and then somehow transcends the level of parody.

The Daily Caller would be wrong to do anything but exalt this stirring journalistic triumph.

The Guardian’s obituary is about Leslie Feinberg, a lesbian who was born on Sept. 1, 1949 and departed from this vale of tears on Saturday, at the age of 65.

Feinberg, we are told, was the author of an award-winning transgender romance novel called “Stone Butch Blues.”

Her wife, Minnie Bruce Pratt, called Feinberg “an anti-racist white, working class, secular Jewish, transgender, lesbian, female, revolutionary communist.”

Feinberg, who considered herself a male, was very concerned about pronoun usage, preferring the gender neutral pronouns “ze” and “hir.”

“It matters whether someone is using the pronoun as a bigot, or if they are trying to demonstrate respect,” Feinberg once said, according to The Guardian.

She was deeply involved in politics. She campaigned for the Workers World Party, an American Marxist-Leninist communist party that supported Mao Zedong, the Soviet Union’s crushing of dissent in Hungary in 1956 and the Soviet incursion into Afghanistan in the 1980s.

Feinberg was also a fierce supporter of abortion rights, even though the issue had virtually no chance of affecting her personally.

She married Pratt, a professor, in not one but two states — New York and Massachusetts — in 2011.

The cause of Feinberg’s death was complications from Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases.

The Guardian describes Stone Butch Blues, Feinberg’s 1993 novel, as “seminal” — which is either humorously ironic or so straight-edge and un-ironic that it’s humorously ironic.

Feinberg worked a series of unskilled jobs until she managed to get the book published.

She also wrote four nonfiction books including “Rainbow Solidarity in Defense of Cuba” and “Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to RuPaul.”

A second novel was entitled Drag King Dreams.

Feinberg’s last words were “Remember me as a revolutionary communist,” according to The Guardian.

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