Burrr-ffalo Bill-zzard: Measly 4 Feet Of Snow Can’t Keep Bills From Stomping Jets On Sunday

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Buffalo, N.Y. has had over 4 feet of snowfall in the past week, and it’s expected to receive another foot before Sunday’s Bills-Jets matchup.

Don’t mean no thang.

A spokesman for the Bills said in a Wednesday conference call that, “all of our intention and all of our focus is 1 o’clock on Sunday,” and they’ve hatched quite the creative scheme for getting Ralph Wilson Stadium into playable shape.


RWS needs to clear about 220,000 tons of snows, and the Bills are crowdsourcing the fan base for potential shovelers. The team estimates it’ll take 500 volunteers, separated into three separate shifts, to clear the field, and they plan on compensating shovelers with $10/hour and tickets to Sunday’s game. That seems a little overkill. I understand you’re trying to hedge your bets, but I’d work all three shifts for free tickets alone.


Ehhh. On second thought, that’s a lot of snow. Maybe up it to $20/hour.

On a side note, the Bills players are having a blast with the season’s first dusting.


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