Ted Cruz On Executive Amnesty: ‘Despotic’ Obama Admin Acting In ‘Unprecedented Way’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Adding to the copious amount of reactions to President Barack Obama’s impending executive order allowing nearly five million illegal immigrants to remain in the U.S., Sen. Ted Cruz says America is facing a “constitutional crisis” and needs to do everything necessary to ward off a “despotic executive.”

Cruz made the comments to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Wednesday night.

“We are unfortunately witnessing a constitutional crisis,” said the potential 2016 candidate. “What President Obama is doing is he is defying the law, he’s defying the constitution.”

“If the president goes forward with this, if he goes forward unilaterally defying the Congress elected by the people, defying the American voters, then it’s incumbent upon Republicans in Congress to use every single constitutional tool we have to defend the rule of law to reign in a president so that the president does not become an unaccountable monarch imposing his own policies in defiance of the American people,” said Cruz.

“The founding of our country, the framers…were familiar of a despotic king,” said Cruz. “If you read the Federalist Papers they talk about the dangers of a despotic executive that rules by fiat,” adding that America went against a monarchy for a reason.

“The president is behaving in an unprecedented way. There is not, in recent times, any parallel for a president repudiated by the voters, standing up and essentially telling the voters to go jump in a lake.”