Sports Radio Hosts Find Out They’ve Been Fired While Live On The Air [VIDEO]

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Well this is one hell of way to find out you’re about to join the unemployment line.

In the middle of a commercial break on Chicago sports radio station The Game 87.7, hosts Alex Quigley and Ben Finfer found out they had been fired via a post on Twitter.

Yupp. That’s right. They found out they were losing their jobs on Twitter.

What worse? They had to go back on the air and address the situation on the air.

“So this is a pretty crappy way to find out that you’re out of work, basically,” said Finfer, opening up the segment. “I’m going to blame our bosses for not doing this the respectful way. It’s pretty crappy to find out on Twitter, especially while you’re on the air that the stations folding. I would think that somebody would have at least some respect for their employees and let them know, give them a heads up that there is something going on. But nope, didn’t happen.”

Quigley and Finfer filled up the ensuing three minutes by reading to their audience the Chicago Tribune article detailing the company’s demise and their firing.

“Well, there it is…There it is,” Finfer said, responding to the news.

“Why is it so hard to tell your employees that they’re losing their jobs? Why did they have to find out that way?” Finfer continued. “Isn’t there anyone here who has respect for their employees?

“We found out on the freakin’ air! What kind of operation is this?!” he added.


[h/t: Mediaite]

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