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Twitter Imposes Permanent Ban On Reporter And Then Wimps Out

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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GotNews‘ editor-in-chief Charles Johnson is tiring of Twitter’s fickle ways.

They suspend him. They let him back. They suspend him. They let him back a second time.

But on Tuesday night, they banned him. As in permanently. For the rest of his life. They offered no reason. See the terse letter here. But he assumed it involved his Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 7.25.17 PMreporting that Louis Head, Michael Brown‘s stepfather, was a former member of the Bloods. He also printed the addresses of the New York Times reporters who ran the street name of Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson.

This goes against Twitter rules, which say you cannot print a person’s private info. Except that Johnson wrote the addresses on his GotNews site, not Twitter. He did link to his story on Twitter.

But why get all technical about rules?

Johnson noted the absurdity of Twitter banning him but not the NYT‘s reporters who all but gave Wilson’s enemies a roadmap to his house. He was particularly irked that Twitter did this happened around Thanksgiving. “It’s kind of bullshit,” Johnson told The Mirror in a phone conversation Wednesday morning. “It’s kind of gnarly, man.”

He said he would soon head to Twitter’s San Francisco office with a camera crew to question them and protest their decision.

The reporter takes these things rather personally. “It was clearly done to get me right at Thanksgiving,” he said. “People are posting my information and threatening to kill me. I don’t really care. I have guns in my house. My wife is a crack shot.”

A journalist in Washington joked to The Mirror, “Suspending Chuck from Twitter is what originally brought the Indians and Pilgrims together.”

On a happy holiday note, by lunchtime Wednesday, Twitter, clearly no longer banning Johnson until the end of time, mysteriously released him from jail. “They let me out,” he wrote by email. “They won’t say why.”