Huffington Post Writer To White Protesters: Ferguson Is ‘Not About You’

Patrick Howley Political Reporter
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A Huffington Post blogger lashed out at white liberals for making a Michael Brown protest all about them and told white people angry about protest rules to leave black protests alone.

Organizers of a Black Lives Matter protest in Toronto this week distributed a list of protest rules including “Stand behind black folks or between us and the police”, and “If you see a cop harassing a black person, come in and engage. [Chances are they are least likely to arrest you].” (RELATED: White Michael Brown Protesters Told To Serve As Human Shields For Black Protesters).

But protester Eternity E Martis, a “Lifestyle writer, blogger, mixed-race feminist,” wrote an op-ed for Huffington Post Canada blasting white protesters for getting angry about the rules.

“Some of you decided to rage and whine on the Black Lives Matter protest Facebook group about how this was segregation, and how your life matters too, and how we should screw ourselves if we don’t want to include you. Well said, angry white people. But in case you haven’t realized, everything in the world is already about you,” Martis wrote.

Martis noted that the black community needs white allies but criticized white protesters in Toronto who did not move from their places at the center of the protest mob.

“If you’re having trouble with that, you either disliked having a black person tell you what to do, or you are so full of your white privilege that you didn’t feel you needed to move. After all, you got there first, right?,” Martis wrote. “If you don’t like being touched, then why are you in a shoulder-to-shoulder protest about solidarity? To feel better about yourself? Don’t chant about ‘no justice, no peace,’ when you’re very presence is why we have neither.”

“Stop infesting our Facebook groups and comment sections of our articles with your white whining. Stop making it about you. If you don’t like what we have to say, remember the things you’ve been able to say about us so explicitly — then leave us be,” Martis continued.

Martis had strong parting words for white protesters angry about the black-oriented nature of the protest.

“You’re just not cut out for this. We kinda expected better of you. It’s probably best that from now on, you just complain about our progress from afar.”

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