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HuffPost Pisses Off Sarah Silverman

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Uh oh. What the hell did HuffPost‘s do to incur the wrath of comedian Sarah Silverman? See this story about her published on December 1. And this was after they sucked up to her by introducing the quotes by thanking her for just being her.

“Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but we need to make one thing clear. We are VERY thankful for Sarah Silverman. 

We’re thankful for her honesty, her wit and her “I don’t give a #$@% what you think” attitude. We’re thankful that she pushes boundaries, throws caution to the wind when dealing with political correctness, and uses her shrewd brand of humor to fight for causes that she believes in. Finally, we’re thankful that Dec. 1 is her birthday!

Join us in celebrating Miss Silverman with 5 of her best quotes. Happy birthday, Sarah!” 

Just one thing….Silverman doesn’t appear to be too thankful in return.

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