Watch These F-15s Do Crazy Low-Altitude, High-Speed Turns Through The Famous ‘Mach Loop’

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The United Kingdom is home to several famous “low flying areas” (LFAs) popular among U.S. and U.K. pilots, who routinely rip through the empty valleys in Scotland and Wales known as the “Mach Loop” to practice high-speed maneuvers at extremely low altitudes.

Some of those maneuvers routinely include flights as low as 250 feet above ground around mountain ranges more than 3,000-feet high, according to The Aviationist.

U.S. and RAF F-15s from Lakenheath frequent parts of the loop, including one such area designated LFA-7 in North West Wales, where the two Strike Eagles in the video below were seen cutting close enough to the ground to set off car alarms.


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