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5 Dumbest Tweets Of The Week

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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And now for the dumbest part of our week…

With all due respect, Gene (and no, I don’t mean this with any respect) 

5. “Has anyone ever said ‘with all due respect’ and meant it? Right.” — WaPo “humor” columnist Gene Weingarten.

Dumb questions deserve dumb answers

4. “Why do we salt pasta water instead of putting the appropriate amount of salt in the noodles to begin with?”NYT’s Josh Barro. Hey Josh, can we please go back to those gay sex tweets? More entertaining than the merits of salting pasta.

Journo ass kisses the Morning Joe crew (constantly) 

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.29.09 AM

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 11.31.01 AM

3. After Fournier actually read the column that he promoted in a gross display of public affection twice, in yet a third tweet, he wrote, “Masterful.” A few more like this and maybe MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” will have Fournier on this week, or mention him! Excitement!

Writer can’t refrain from using word ‘cuz’ when making serious point 

2. “Frankly, I hate having to defend Frat culture cuz i always thought most of them were assholes. But, hey, truth matters, too.” — conservative blogger Dan Riehl.

But could she have fought the urge to tell us this?  

1. “Cannot fight the urge to bake peanut butter cookies right now.” — Ex-MSNBCer Goldie Taylor.