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Quote of the Day:

“As my 25th birthday present from the media, I’d like for you to stop accusing all my friends of dating me. #thirsty”

Taylor Swift.

TNR Now Sucks Part XVII

“I wouldn’t have expected to be less impressed with Chris Hughes after reading his defense of what he’s doing, but that happened.” — Breitbart NewsJonathan Strong. “Particularly rich that Hughes warns of the peril of ‘unpredictable’ owners when HE’S the one destroying a cherished institution.” Read Hughes’ op-ed from Sunday’s WaPo here.

Other TNR fallout

“The New Republic emails to cancel ‘Next Frontier of Climate Change’ event scheduled for tomorrow ‘due to unforeseen changes to programming.'” — HuffPost‘s Kate Sheppard.

Prince William in D.C. 

“Small crowd of royal watchers wait for Prince William outside world bank HQ. Brave people–it’s cold!!” — WaPo‘s Emily Heil.

Oh wow, now pubs are all over IN DEFENSE of men

“How recent policies to protect women from college rape infringe on the civil rights of men.” — Slate. Links to this.

In case you’re out of the loop on Grumpy Cat…. Read here. Funny detail: The extremely high earning cat’s real name is Tardar Sauce.

Monday Morning Blues 

“A really cool way to start your week is by having bus doors close on you as you walk through them.” — WaPo‘s Elahe Izadi.

GotNews publishes UVA rape accuser’s name and photograph

See here.

Question to Ponder: “Should I livetweet my watching of this week’s episode of #TheNewsroom? Or do you not all want to watch me have a heart attack?” — WaPo‘s Alyssa Rosenberg, alluding to the fact that someone on Sunday night’s episode has a heart attack.

Sexy punctuation talk

“If combining parentheses and an exclamation point is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” — BusinessWeek‘s Josh Eidelson.


Mike Allen misplaced his phone charger over the weekend 

YOU CAN NEVER FIND YOUR COAT when it’s on a hanger. This morning, I couldn’t find my iPhone charger (checked pockets, gym bag, under the bed, etc.) … because it was plugged into the wall.” — Sunday Playbook.