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Obama Makes Up Bible Verse To Justify Immigration Power-Grab

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“A watched pot never boils.” “Don’t take any wooden nickels.” “A stitch in time saves nine.” We all remember those powerful words from the Bible, don’t we? Well, at least President Barack Obama does.

He said the following in Nashville yesterday, while ineptly defending his completely unconstitutional executive amnesty:

This is a new level of dishonest narcissism, even for Obama: Shut up and let him do whatever he wants, because God said so. Or, okay, maybe God didn’t really say so. But still. Shut up.

But I suppose it’s no surprise. He makes up stuff that isn’t in the Constitution all the time. Why not make up stuff that isn’t in the Bible? It’s all the same. Those guys are dead, and he has a lot of power, so too bad.

I used to think he said this kind of stuff to gaslight us, to make us question our very perceptions of reality. But that’s not it. He’s just a liar, and he’s not particularly good at it. The only people he ever manages to fool are leftists and the media. But I repeat myself.

(Hat tip: Jason Howerton)

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