Rolling Stone UVA Reporter: I Shop Around For Victims [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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A new video, uncovered by GotNews founder and conservative activist Charles Johnson, depicts the author of the debunked Rolling Stone University of Virginia rape story saying that she “absolutely” shops around for stories that fit the narratives she wants to tell. (RELATED: UVA Gang Rape Story Falls To Pieces, Rolling Stone Admits It Was Fooled)

The video depicts journalist Sabrina Rubin Erdely at a 2012 event at the University of Pennsylvania. “Do you ever kind of really want to expose a certain situation or topic and then kind of like shop around for a more concrete story that would be better for print?” a student asked.

“Yes, I absolutely do. In fact, I’m working on one right now where that’s the case,” Erdley replied. “That’s something I’ve done a lot when I’ve written for women’s magazines, where I’ve written a lot about women’s health and women’s rights.”

She gave the example of how she once wanted to write about domestic violence, but was looking for the perfect victim to share their story.

“It’s very hard when you find a topic, and then you want to find the story,” she continued. “Because then you want to find the right story.” She explained how she sometimes has to hold pre-interviews and “tryouts” to find the right victim.

Erdely has spoken candidly about how she shopped around to find the best college for her campus rape story. She told The Washington Post that Ivy League schools didn’t “feel right,” but “the University of Virginia, a public school, Southern and genteel,” was the perfect fit.

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