Will: If Elizabeth Warren Announces 2016 Run Next Week, She’ll Be Ahead Of Hillary In Polls [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Could Elizabeth Warren be setting up a 2016 run against Hillary Clinton?

As the Democrat senator continues her stand against the $1.1 trillion federal budget proposal, which President Barack Obama supports, syndicated columnist George Will believes she is gearing up for a Democratic primary run against Hillary Clinton.

The conservative commentator also believes that she would be ahead of Clinton, the presumptive favorite of many within Democratic circles, in the polls if she were to declare a bid within the next week.

The syndicated columnist made the comments on the “Special Report” all-star panel Thursday night alongside host Bret Baier and fellow scribes Charles Krauthammer and Juan Williams.

“This could be the first shot in the Elizabeth Warren campaign. I want to join it,” said Krauthammer, dripping with sarcasm. “I think it will be a joy for Republicans to have her as the opponent. Think about this: a left-wing first term liberal senator out of Harvard. Exactly what the country is hungering for.”

“All right. Down the road, does she run? Yes or no?” asked the host Baier.

“Yes,” Krauthammer responded.

“I would say that there is tremendous support,” said Williams, adding his two cents.

“Yes,” said Will, adding that “if she announces in a week, she will be ahead of Hillary in polls of Democrats apt to participate in the primaries.”