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News That May Make You Want To Vomit

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Being self-promotional is one thing. But seriously or even playfully praising yourself when you’ve somehow managed to land on Politico Chief White House correspondent Mike Allen‘s radar and wind up in Politico Playbook is a whole other level of awfulness.

Congratulations to Mediaite‘s Evan McMurry — you’ve achieved the pinnacle of grotesque self-importance!

And for a completely gigantic ass kisser of a story about CNN’s “smartest show” hosted by Brian Stelter no less. No ratings info, mind you, just his own bizarre sixth sense, I guess, that Stelter’s doing a bang up job above and beyond the rest. Smoochy smooch.

(An idea for the new year: Instead of business cards, McMurry can hand out barf bags.)

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