Dick Cheney To Chuck Todd: Enhanced Interrogation ‘Absolutely’ Worked [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an exclusive interview with NBC’s Chuck Todd, former Vice President Dick Cheney responded, once again, to take issue with the near totality of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report detailing the CIA’s enhanced interrogation of detainees.

Cheney told the “Meet The Press” host that the severe techniques “absolutely did work” and nothing tells him otherwise.

“The techniques that we did indeed used, the president authorized, that produced results, that gave us information we needed to be able to safeguard the nation against further attacks, the people tracked down those guilty for 9/11 did in fact work,” Cheney stated.

“If you will look at it, and look at what the people running the agency said, and what Jose Rodriguez said, who ran the program, is a good man, that, as I said the other day, I won’t use the word on the show…but it is a crock,” said Cheney, who wouldn’t repeat his claim that the report is “full of crap,” as he told Fox News’ Bret Baier last week.

“The whole report has not been released,” he continued. “Go read what the directors of the agencies said about the report. They were extremely critical of it, as were the Republicans who were on the committee. It’s a flawed report. It didn’t begin to approach what’s required by way of responsible oversight.”

“Does it plant any seed of doubt in your mind?” Todd asked.

“No. Absolutely not,” Cheney defiantly responded.

“No seed of doubt in your mind whether it worked or not?” Todd questioned again.

No, it did work. it absolutely did work,” Cheney replied.