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Enjoy Spicy Food? Congratulations, You’re a Bad@$$

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Red hot chili peppers aren’t just the greatest band in history. They’re also the key to being better than all the other males in your immediate vicinity.

David Chazan, The Telegraph (UK):

Men who like spicier food are ‘alpha males’ with higher levels of testosterone, French report claims

Scientists at the highly-respected University of Grenoble have published a report suggesting that regular consumption of chili peppers may raise levels of [testosterone], which is believed to make men more adventurous, enterprising and sexually active…

The research paper, titled “Some Like It Hot”, is to be published in the US-based journal “Physiology and Behavior”…

…114 men aged from 18 to 44, living in Grenoble, in south-eastern France, had taken part in the study.

Their testosterone levels were measured from saliva samples and they were presented with a plate of mashed potatoes and invited to add chili sauce to taste. Those who added the most hot sauce had the highest testosterone.

BOOM. That’s just science, you nerds. Ha ha, you just got schooled by some French dudes!

Don’t believe it, ladies? Just check out this tough bro:

Yeah! Yeaaaahhhh!! Alpha male, son!

I like spicy stuff, but I top out at habanero. Like a little girl.

What’s your favorite spicy food? Leave your answer in the comments, as if anybody cares.

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