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Reminder: Hillary Clinton Has Directly Contributed To Rape Culture

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That is, if we’re to believe there’s even such a thing as “rape culture.” And we must believe that, or else feminists will call us “rape apologists” or “rape deniers.” We certainly don’t want that, do we?

So, then: We live in a rape culture. And just in case you’ve forgotten, the presumptive Democratic Party nominee for president in 2016 has aided and abetted that rape culture. Which she finds amusing:

Many of the same people who make such a convincing “rape culture” argument will also argue that you should vote for Hillary. Many of the same people who assumed the UVA Phi Psi house was guilty of gang rape, who say things like “I believe women” when presented with evidence that a rape accusation is false, will defend Hillary because she was just doing her job:

Please don’t remind these very serious people that this audio exists. Triggering them with facts they’d rather forget makes them unhappy, and that’s just another form of rape.

(Audio courtesy of the Washington Free Beacon)