Report: Brad Pitt’s Fame Gets Him Out Of Jury Duty

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Brad Pitt was reportedly dismissed from a being a candidate for jury duty at a Los Angeles courthouse last Friday because the 51-year-old is simply too famous to serve.

The court apparently thought that Pitt’s fame would be “too distracting” for the rest of the jury so he was sent home from the selection pool before he even had his interview.

“You just can’t stick Brad Pitt in a jury box and expect 11 jurors to ignore him,” L.A. attorney William Lively told the “Daily Mail.”

Here Brad is just two days later at the premiere of his wife’s film “Unbroken,” and he looks a little smug if you ask me.

Brad pitt gets out of jury duty

(Photo: Getty Images)

But, apparently Pitt was deeply saddened that he didn’t get to serve his civic duty.

“Brad was hoping he might get picked to serve on a short case,” a source also told the Daily Mail.

“But the problem was, he would actually be required to serve for as long as it took for the case to be decided.”

Thankfully, the 51-year-old will be home to care for his “ailing wife” Angelina Jolie, who has chickenpox. (RELATED: Even Angelina Jolie Gets Chickenpox, And This Video Proves It)