Jan Brewer: Obama Has ‘Very Thin Skin,’ Is ‘A Big Disappointment’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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During an “exit interview” with William La Jeunesse on “Special Report” Monday night, outgoing-Arizona governor Jan Brewer said President Obama has “very thin skin” and has been a “very big disappointment” during his tenure in office.

Brewer has served as Arizona’s governor for the past six years after taking over for Janet Napolitano, who became Secretary of Homeland Security in 2009, after serving as the state’s Secretary of State for six years.

LA JEUNESSE: “Do you regret waving your finger at President Obama?”

BREWER: “No, not really. He was not very nice to me that day…He has very thin skin He was very concerned about how I portrayed him in my book. It was a truth-telling book, that we need our borders secured, and, you know, he walked away from me.”

LA JEUNESSE: “What do you think our take away from that image should be?”

BREWER: “I guess that we were having an intense conversation, but I was surprised that it went so viral across the world. I mean, people recognize me only from that picture, which is pretty amazing.”

LA JENUESSE: “Is he in your opinion a failed president?”

BREWER: “It’s been a very big disappointment to me. I believe that he has done things that certainly we would have never expected any president to do by executive order, and because he says so.”