Jerry Jones Always Gets Caught Hugging Governors And Strippers

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Everybody needs to lay off Cowboy’s super-fan, Chris Christie, says Jerry Jones.

The New Jersey Governor was seen celebrating Dallas’ playoff win with the Cowboys’ owner on Sunday.

Do less, guys.

While the Internet was none too happy with Christie’s perceived bandwagon support, Jones took to Dallas airwaves to defend the celebratory embrace: “He’s a Cowboy fan through and through. I met him through the Cowboys, and I’m excited about it. He’s part of our mojo. I want him there all the way.”

At first I thought that three grown men giggling and dry-humping each other was a little borderline, so I’m glad Jerry could clarify this whole thing for me.

I know this looked bad, but it’s the playoffs, so whatever. #Mojo. 

That’s a foolproof argument. I bet that’s how he explained these racy photos that surfaced back in August to his wife. (RELATED: Mrs. Jones Probably Isn’t Happy About These Photo’s Showing Jerry, Strippers & Some Definitely Inappropriate Touching)

(photo: @INFIN8SON Twitter)

(photo: @INFIN8SON Twitter)

(photo: @INFIN8SON Twitter)

(photo: @INFIN8SON Twitter)

Ummm… that’s also part of my mojo?

Well played, Jerry. Well played.

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