This Detroit Lions Fan Thinks The Lions Already Won The 2015 Super Bowl [VIDEO]

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No pain, no gain, right? That’s what Detroit Lions super-fan Dave Morian must have been thinking when he got his latest tattoo — the 2015 Super Bowl trophy with the Lions as the winner.

Unfortunately for Morian, the Lions lost against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday after a controversial flag call, ending their season.

The loss, however, does not worry Morian. He says he plans to add “a little arrow and below it will be 2016,” according to ClickOn Detroit. And from there he will continue to add years until the Lions bring home the trophy. Hopefully this will happen before Morian runs out of space on his calf.

The tattoo artist who inked Morian said they “made sure to leave the fonts designed in a way that it could be altered and changed as the years went on, because eventually they are going to win the championship.”

That’s dedication if I’ve ever seen it.