Lindsey Graham To CNN On France Attack: ‘People In Your Business Need To Be Concerned’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an appearance following the terror attack on a French satire newspaper, which killed 12 people, Sen. Lindsey Graham told CNN’s Dana Bash that journalists “need to be concerned” that they could be targets of Islamic extremists in the future.

“You’ve been digging on what’s going on, what’s your take?” Bash asked. “Do you think this is ISIS or ISIL?”

“I would be shocked if it is not at least inspired, whether or not it’s the command and control I don’t know,” Graham said.

“The people in your business need to be concerned. You’re soft targets,” Graham told Bash directly. “They hate the idea of being able to tell a story.”

“Are you saying that based on intelligence?” Bash questioned.

“I’m just saying this based on common sense. They are moving away from military style targets,” Graham explained. “They’re beginning to target soft targets.”

“Do you think the U.S. should raise the terror threat?” Bash followed up.

“I think we should raise it today,” Graham said, adding that sequestration has put the pinch on the military in such instances to gather intelligence.