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#NotAllMuslims Murder 12 People In Paris Because Somebody Disrespected Allah

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Another day, another act of Islamic terrorism that has absolutely nothing to do with any other act of Islamic terrorism, past, present, or future.

Neil Munro:

Up to 10 French journalists and two cops were murdered in a military-style attack by at least two French-speaking Muslims carrying machine guns.

The black-uniformed attackers killed the two police guards before they machine-gunned the liberal journalists at the Paris-based satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, which has routinely criticized Islam’s reputed founder, Muhammad, along with many other non-Muslim politicians and historical figures.

The jihadis shouted “We’ve avenged the honor of the prophet!” before escaping back into the Muslim-dominated projects around the city.

So far, #jevaismonteravecvous is not trending on Twitter. Clearly, Parisians are more racist toward the real victims than the Aussies were.

Throughout the day, try to keep count of the number of people criticizing Charlie Hebdo for its satire, and cross-check that with the list of people who criticized Sony for caving to pressure over James Franco and Seth Rogen’s satire. Is there any overlap? If so, can any of those people explain why one form of satire is acceptable while the other isn’t?

Just something to think about today. And every damn day.

Update: #JeSuisCharlie. That’s more like it.

Update: Here you go. Here’s what these savages thought was worth killing people over.

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