Muslim Cleric Choudary Asks NewsmaxTV Host ‘Are You Jewish?’ During Testy Back-And-Forth

Al Weaver Reporter
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Nothing like getting off on the wrong foot before the interview even begins.

In a surefire way to spark a heated confrontation, hardline Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary asked NewsmaxTV host Steve Malzberg if he is Jewish before the cameras even started rolling, kicking off a lengthy back-and forth on Judaism, Israel, and Palestine.

The interview, which was supposed to encompass yesterday’s terrorist attack, didn’t get back on topic until halfway through the eight minute segment.

“I just want to make clear, you asked before we went on air, you said my name sounded Jewish, and I told you it was. Is that problematic for you in any way?”

“No. It just makes me understand the reality of the people I’m dealing with,” the cleric told Malzberg.

“So do you usually ask for the religion of the person you’re interviewing? You asked Sean Hannity what his religion is last night? Is that how it works?” Malzberg asked.

“What mindset do you now — in other words, how do you look at me right now because I’m Jewish?” Malzberg continued. “How do you prepare for that?”

The pair continued to spar over the Israeli/Palestinian conflict until an exasperated Malzberg finally asked Choudary, “don’t you answer any question?”


[h/t: Mediaite]