President Trump? The Donald To Make 2016 Decision Over ‘Next Three Months’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In a Monday morning interview with the “Morning Joe” crew, Donald Trump said that he plans to make a decision on running for president over the next three months and that he has no road blocks preventing a run unlike four years ago.

“I think I could do well. I think if I got it, I would do a lot of things differently, but I think the people that are running, and many have come to my office,” Trump said. “It would be an interesting field, that’s for sure, but we’ll see what happens, and I’ll be making a decision fairly quickly.”

“What’s the difference between this time and the other times that you’ve said you might run?” asked host Joe Scarborough.

“Well, not all the other times. I looked at it really only seriously last time. I was in a contractual situation with ‘The Apprentice.’ ‘The Apprentice’ is a big show, two hours every night. You know, it’s a big thing and I have a contractual obligation. I was unable to break it, you can’t break a contractual obligation.”

“Can you break it this time?” asked an interjecting Scarborough.

“I don’t have it this time, because ‘The Apprentice’ will be long gone…it would be over in about five weeks. After that, the timing is good. Last time it went right before. Not only ‘The Apprentice’, but I was building all over the world.”

“When will he know whether you’re going to run for president or not?” Scarborough asked.

“I would say over the next three months,” Trump said. “I’m going to make a serious decision. Look, I deal with politicians–all my life I’ve been dealing with politicians, whether it’s zoning, or environmental or other things. I would say over the next three months. I find they’re all talk, no action, nothing gets done. All talk, no action. The world is blowing up around us, nobody knows what to do.”

“There are problems that can be solved that these guys can’t solve,” Trump added.

Trump, who endorsed Mitt Romney during the GOP primaries in 2012, also reacted to last week’s news that Romney might take a third stab at the nomination. The businessman said that “you just can’t give him another chance,” pointing out that Romney got less votes than John McCain in 2008, adding that “he blew it.”

“He had a great chance of winning, and he blew it. He’s like a dealmaker that couldn’t close the deal. So you just can’t give him another chance. It didn’t work,” Trump said. “He got less votes than John McCain got years before. He was unable to close the deal that should have been easily closed.”

The television personality also added his two cents on the simmering feud between Romney and former governor Jeb Bush. Trump said recently that he is against having another Bush occupying the White House.

“I know for a fact they don’t like each other.” Trump said of the relationship between Romney and former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. “I would say the last thing we need is another Bush.”