Will The Jeffrey Epstein Pedophile Case Snare Clinton?

Roger Stone Political Consultant
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Is this the scandal that ends Hillary’s campaign? Former President Bill Clinton visited the hedonistic private island of a billionaire pedophile who police found was engaging girls as young as 12, multiple times. Now a new lawsuit may compel the former president to testify under oath about what he was doing there. The New York Post reported that Hillary is furious that Bill is mired in the scandal.

Democrat mega donor and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was tied by Palm Beach Police to as many as 40 underaged girls and allegedly provided minor girls to Prince Andrew and lawyer Alan Dershowitz, among others. Now, a lawsuit to overturn a secret and controversial sealed wrist slap plea deal that got Epstein a mere 15 months in a Palm Beach Halfway house, may reveal what Clinton was doing on the island and why Clinton flew on Epstein’s plane 10 times to party abroad, according to FAA Logs. One woman abused on the island by Epstein told the UK Daily Mail Clinton was provided with two women “no older than 17” when he visited Epstein’s island.

A lawsuit to overturn the secret plea and a secondary defamation suit deal filed by a respected former Judge and a Fort Lauderdale lawyer may force Dershowitz to testify, and could rope in Bill Clinton.

Incredibly, state and federal prosecutors charged Epstein with one count of soliciting only adding, “soliciting a minor” after objections by both the Palm Beach Police and the FBI. Epstein was allowed to spend 16 hours a day in his Palm Beach Mansion and report to jail only at night. A few nights ago on FOX, Ann Coulter spoke the truth on the Jeffrey Epstein case. She hit the nail on the head when she said, “This is the elites circling the wagon and protecting a pederast.”

Let’s take Coulter’s observations a step further: the Epstein case is about the pedophile elite VIP friends of Jeffrey Epstein circling the wagons and protecting not just Jeffrey Epstein, but themselves.

“Elitism” is really about people who believe, because they have huge amounts of power, money, and connections, that the rules of society that the common man or woman must follow do not apply to them. Jeffrey Epstein was running a well- organized sex trafficking ring that provided underage girls for himself and his pedophile friends, many of whom were VIP figures in business and politics with names you would recognize. Epstein ‘bought” a girl from Eastern Europe and  was gifted three 12 years olds for his birthday by a wealthy European pedophile pal.

Virginia Roberts, known in a new lawsuit as Jane Doe #3, was the precious jewel of Jeffrey Epstein, who sexually abused her and pimped her to his friends. Ghislaine Maxwell, Epstein’s pedophile girlfriend, was the one who snared Virginia into the Epstein web when she was a mere 15 years of age and working as a towel girl at a local Palm Beach  spa in 1998. Ghislaine, one of several pedo recruiters for Epstein, Roberts became a sex slave and child prostitute who worked for Epstein for the next three years. Virginia, now 30 and a mother of three, says that she still cries at night when she thinks of Epstein. Many of these girls, now women, still cry when they think of what Jeffrey Epstein and his circle of VIP pedophiles did to them — how they stole their innocence.

Roberts said Epstein trafficked children to politicians, Wall Streeters and A- listers  to curry favor, to advance his business, and for political influence. Courageous Virginia Roberts says that Epstein also made her have sex multiple times with both Prince Andrew and Epstein’s close friend Alan Dershowitz. Prince Andrew is currently getting shelled in the British media and very few Royal observers are sticking their necks out to support him.

Dershowitz has denied the allegation and has launched a media blitz using Greta Van Susteren on FOX but the National Review quickly found a parsing of words in an affidavit of denial Dershowitz filed with the Court as a PR Move. Dershowitz claims the lawyers never gave him a chance to respond to the charges when in fact the superlawyer has been ducking an under-oath deposition in the matter for two years.

It is a no brainer that Jeffrey Epstein should have been charged with sex trafficking and put away for a minimum of twenty years for all the damage he has wreaked on so many young girls, according to reports as young as fourteen.

Epstein’s legal troubles belatedly began in March 2005 when a fourteen year old girl told her parents that she had been sexually molested by the Wall Street billionaire. Palm Beach police carefully investigated Epstein for a year and built a detailed probable cause affidavit against him that included five molestation victims of Epstein and 40 others they suspected.

The Palm Beach police handed off their meticulously documented and airtight case to Palm Beach State Attorney Barry Krischer, and that is where the corruption in the Epstein case began.

The fix was in.

Instead of a quick indictment of Epstein, followed by pressuring him with the hopes of getting him to plea bargain and give up the other co-conspirators in his massive sex trafficking ring, Barry Krischer made the unusual decision to call a grand jury to review the case.

In Florida, Grand juries are generally restricted to capital cases. Krischer presented evidence to that grand jury in 2006 and what came back was mindboggling — a one-count indictment of Epstein for solicitation of a prostitute. Nothing about raping a 14-year-old girl; nothing about running a massive underage sex trafficking ring for VIP pedophiles. Those adults who supplied him with children and the rich and powerful he catered to have gone unpunished.

A neutral observer could conclude that that State Attorney Krischer had been corrupted by the pedophiles and had intentionally tanked the case behind the secrecy of a grand jury, or that Krishcher was one of the most incompetent State Attorneys ever to serve in Florida.

Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter had identified around 40 children used for the pleasure of Epstein and his friends and at least six adults who were procuring them. Yet an intimidation campaign was waged against Palm Beach Police Chief Michael Reiter, a good and honest man. He was being followed by strange men and “investigated” by the dark forces.

State Attorney Krischer ultimately made an absurd plea bargain deal with Epstein that allowed this mega pedophile and child sex trafficker to serve a mere 13 months in prison and with a 16/hour day pass. The lead lawyer negotiating this mind-blowing deal which included immunity from prosecution for himself and others was Alan Dershowitz, who sex slave Virginia Roberts says she was forced to have sex with multiple times.

Public outrage then prompted the federal government to step in. Most believed respected law-man Reiter had tipped off the feds to the State”‘fix”. As Ann Coulter said, federal prosecutors were also being tailed and intimidated. The feds then secretly rubber-stamped the lenient deal, added immunity for Epstein’s pedophile co-conspirators and then sealed their outrageously lenient plea-bargain. Epstein’s 40 victims were never informed of the secret deal by DOJ deal as required by law, which is the basis for the lawsuit. The Palm Beach Post, to their credit, went to court to get this wrist slap deal unsealed. Only after two years of litigation does the public know the terms of the secret deal. Why George W. Bush DOJ gave Epstein a pass after a flawed state investigation is a mystery.

All stories like this have a butler. In this case Epstein’s Butler Alfredo Rodriguez, who was arrested and did time for his role of paymaster to Epstein, marked up a copy of Epstein’s little black book for Palm Beach Police showing who Epstein had pandered pre-teen girls to. The list, which I have seen, is mind blowing. It includes a former governor, a billionaire Republican donor, a Prime Minister, a former Senate Majority Leader, a well known lawyer, royalty, socialites and scientists. Kingpin sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s take on all this?: “I’m not a sexual predator, I’m an ‘offender.’ It’s the difference between a murderer and a person who steals a bagel.”