Macklemore And His Daffy Hair Rap ‘Thrift Shop’ Parody On Sesame Street [VIDEO]

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Seattle rapper Macklemore has now taken his act to Sesame Street for a “Thrift Shop” parody with Oscar the Grouch and some grouchlets.

A just-released YouTube video of the song is entitled “Sesame Street: Oscar ft. Macklemore.”

The actual, original lyrics to “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis are considerably raunchier than the ones in the Sesame Street version.

For example, the first verse in the original begins:

Walk in the club like: “What up? I got a big cock”

Nah, I’m just pumped up, bought some shit from the thrift shop

Ice on the fringe is so damn frosty

People like: “Damn, that’s a cold ass honkey”

The same part in the Sesame Street version begins:

Wouldn’t you like to rock a fish like a noodle?

Wouldn’t you like to wear the kit and caboodle?

Then there’s something only partially intelligible about a skunk stole.

A later Macklemore couplet is:

I wear your granddad’s clothes, I look incredible

I’m in this big ass coat from that thrift shop down the road

The Sesame Street version is:

I wear my grouchy clothes, I look deplorable

I’m in this fish hat from the grouch shop down the road


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