Rush Limbaugh On Kerry, James Taylor Paris Visit: ‘I Am Embarrassed To Be An American Today’

Al Weaver Reporter
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On his Friday program, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh lambasted John Kerry’s “make up” trip to Paris Friday morning, to which he dragged classic rock artist James Taylor to sing “You’ve Got A Friend.” Summing up the trip, Limbaugh lamented that he is “embarrassed to be an American today,”

Continuing his rant, Limbaugh added that “militant Islamists all over the world cannot believe the good luck that they’ve been handed.” Stingingly, the conservative radio behemoth told his listeners he wishes, under a future Republican presidency, Secretary of State John Bolton would bring the The Clash in tow to the Middle East and sing “Rock The Casbah.”

LIMBAUGH: John Kerry. This is unbelievable. My friends, I’m embarrassed. I’m literally embarrassed. John Kerry went over to France. They’re trying to make up for the fact that Obama didn’t go and be part of the big rally over there, so they sent John Kerry over for some sort of press conference with the French and the French media and intended for the French people.

They actually dragged James Taylor and Kerry spoke French again, which is embarrassing enough in itself, and then James Taylor sang “You’ve Got A Friend.” I am embarrassed to be an American today.

To have to take James Taylor over there — you know what’s gonna happen? John Bolton is gonna be a secretary of state someday we hope, and I can’t wait ’til he goes someplace in the Middle East and takes along with him the famous crock group The Clash and they can sing “Rock the Casbah,” whatever.And James Taylor [imitating Taylor], ‘Of course, I’ll be happy to sing You’ve Got A Friend.’ He sang it and the French are sitting there listening to this.

Oh, my God, what a bunch of wusses, what a bunch of mush. It’s squishy. And the militant Islamists all over the world cannot believe the good luck that they’ve been handed.  

For what it’s worth, The Clash disbanded in 1986 and their lead singer, Joe Strummer, passed away in 2002.