Obama ‘Body Man’ Critical Of Hillary ’08 Campaign Rigors In Memoir

Al Weaver Reporter
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With a presumptive Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign waiting in the wings, a new memoir penned by President Obama’s former “body man” doused cold water on the efforts that saw Clinton’s front-running 2008 campaign fall flat.

In his autobiography “Power Forward: My Presidential Education,” former Obama aide Reggie Love remarked that Clinton’s 2008 campaign effort paled in comparison to Obama, saying that the former secretary of state’s 2-3 campaign stops per day barely halved those of Obama.

While Obama logged 4-7 campaign stops per day prior to the Iowa caucuses, according to Love, Clinton only did two or three “at most,” adding that the Obama’s 2008 bid was “not a typical campaign.”

“When I reflect on that time in my life, the word that most often pops into my head is ‘crazy,'” Love said.

“Obama was logging four, five, six, seven campaign stops a day. Hillary? Maybe she was doing two or three. At most,” Love wrote. “Ours was not a typical campaign. We fought hard.”

Love, a former team captain of the Duke Basketball team and 2001 national championship team member, served as Obama’s personal aide and special assistant from 2007-2011.