Australian Senator To Angry Constituent: ‘Go F**K Yourself’

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Things are boiling over Down Under.

On January 15th, Liberty Viral reported on a heated interaction between Australian Senator David Leyonhjelm and an anti-discrimination activist, Gary Burns.  Burns chronicled the conversation, as well as the aftermath, on his blog.

The exchange began when Burns emailed two Australian senators, including Leyonhjelm. Burns started the e-mail by calling the two senators “Un-Australian pathetic little turds” that should “f–k off out of our country.”

Burns also wrote “there is no such thing as free speech in Australia” and that the views of the senators means they’re “no better then [sic] Hitler.” All of this—and more—was signed off with a passive-aggressive “warm regards.”

Senator Leyonhjelm, who is known for his libertarian views regarding free speech, exercised his freedom to respond:

Dear Gary
Go fuck yourself you communist turd.
David Leyonhjelm
Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW

Leyonhjelm did not appreciate the “warm regards,” apparently.

In turn, Burns published Leyonhjelm’s reply on his website — which only earned him another email from the good senator:

Dear Gary,
It appears you have not yet acted on my advice. Please do so. Go fuck yourself as soon as possible. The world will be a better place.
David Leyonhjelm
Liberal Democrats Senator for NSW

Burns reacted by declaring that he is now in “fear of [sic] his life.” He hopes to place an Apprehended Personal Violence Order — a restraining order, essentially — against Leyonhjelm.

Australia’s Herald Sun confirmed the senator personally crafted the e-mails.

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