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Ben Cohen To Ben & Jerry’s Franchisees: You Guys Should Totally Sell ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ T-Shirts

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Hey everybody, it’s a fat old hippie from Vermont who has all the money he’s ever going to need, so now he devotes his time to being really upset about social injustice and stuff like that.

Here’s Ben Cohen at the Ben & Jerry’s Global Franchise Meeting, telling us what Mike Brown’s death means to him. Testify, brother:

“There will probably always be injustice, and we are outraged and saddened by it. But it is in the act of working to end injustice that we find our hearts, our souls, and our joy.”

And your lies, Ben. Don’t forget about your lies. “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” is a lie. It never happened. All the evidence is against you. And you don’t care.

I didn’t really need yet another reason not to buy your crappy ice cream, Ben, but it’s thoughtful of you to give me one anyway. Good luck with that new flavor, Racebaitin’ Rum Raisin.

(Hat tip: Vocativ)

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