Chuck Todd Criticizes State Of The Union Plan: Shouldn’t This Be About ‘What Can You Get Done?’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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With only hours remaining before President Barack Obama delivers his State of the Union address, NBC’s Chuck Todd delivered stinging criticism of the president’s planned themes.

Appearing on “Morning Joe” Tuesday morning, the “Meet The Press” moderator slammed Obama’s second to last State of the Union, saying it’s “about setting the table for 2016” rather than “what can you get accomplished.” Todd went on to ask “shouldn’t this be about what can you get done?”

TODD: It is amazing how this State of the Union and the debate that’s surrounding it really is so campaign message oriented.  You know, Josh [Earnest] says, hey, the president, you know, he’s run his last campaign. That’s factually correct. The president can’t run again. But this whole thing feels as if it’s being — this agenda is about setting the table for 2016. It’s about setting the table for the Democrats or the middle class party, or the Republicans of the party’s right that the president’s trying to position, and I’m sitting there thinking: it’s your second to last State of the Union. Shouldn’t this be about what can you get done? What can you get accomplished?