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#NotAllMuslims Execute Teenagers For Watching Soccer

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I’m sure you can find some way to blame the following on George Bush.

Yaron Steinbuch and Jamie Schram, NY Post:

ISIS jihadists publicly executed 13 teenage boys for watching a soccer match.

The young fans were reportedly watching an Asian Cup match between Iraq and Jordan on TV last week when they were caught by the militants in the Iraqi city of Mosul…

The group of teens was executed in public by a firing squad that used machine guns…

The boys were slaughtered because they were said to be violating Sharia law by watching the game.

This is right after ISIS executed two gay men by throwing them off a tall building.

This kind of stuff is happening all over the world, and we’re not supposed to talk about why. We’re not supposed to connect the dots. Because it’s “racist.”

Don’t let anybody shut you up. Talk about it as much as you want. These bastards can’t get all of us.