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CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s stalker has quite an accusation… The guy who stalked Cooper for six years tells a judge that Cooper’s boyfriend is threatening him online. The stalker still apparently loves Cooper, despite  his “hunky” boyfriend. See here.

Rosie Perez plans to pipe up on ‘The View’ Thursday… to address the complaints of a group calling the recent insulting remarks about her “racist” and “sexist.” The #YoSoyRosie members think it’s “racist” that Rosie was described as “not the sharpest tool in the box” since she’s the only Latina in the crew. Of course it can’t just be that someone perceives her as dumb. It has to be racist and sexist. Can hardly wait to hear from Rosie has to say for herself if I can will myself to make it through an entire show. See here.

FNC’s Megyn Kelly: The IT Girl… the NYT profile everyone is talking and tweeting about. You’ve been warned: There’s lots and lots of gushing about her. She admits that she would’ve worked at MSNBC and says she would’ve done well there. She ignores Media Matters. In her senior yearbook she listed three goals: “College, government and wealth.” See here.

Watch the many funny faces of Speaker John Boehner at the State of the Union… See here.

About that car chase near the Capitol during the State of the Union… the guy was not arrested or detained for too long. Find out why. See here.

How much was FLOTUS’ SOTU jacket? Find out here.