Chris Wallace: Obama Hurting Hillary 2016 By Moving Dems ‘Further To The Left’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Fox News host Chris Wallace said on “America’s Newsroom” that President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address could end up hurting Hillary Clinton in 2016 by moving the party further to the left. (VIDEO: Wallace Asks Senator If Biden Is ‘Creepy’ After Daughter’s Snubbed Veep Kiss)

WALLACE: It isn’t free stuff. There is a cost to it, and the Republicans would say that the cost is that it will hurt our economy, and it will take money out of the hand of people who create jobs and people who invest– that is what capital gains is– people investing in stocks, and then getting benefits out of that so they can invest again. That has impact on the economy.

In terms of the impact on the election, I’ve read one analysis today that said it actually might make life tougher for Democrats in 2016, including Hillary Clinton. Because if anything, he seems to be moving the party further to the left, further to the liberal side rather than trying to govern from the center and trying to find areas of accommodation with Republicans.

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