CNN Host Asks If Shooting Of Black Suspect By Black Cop Was Racially Motivated [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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Host of CNN’s “Legal View” Ashleigh Banfield asked a guest if the recent shooting of a black suspect by a black New Jersey police officer was being investigated as a “race-based action.” (VIDEO: CNN: Prison System Racist, ‘Akin To What Slavery Was’)

“By the way, on the right-hand side of the screen, it’s very dark and it’s very hard to make out the officer,” Banfield said, “But one of the questions I had was, is this being discussed as a race-based action?”

“Well, I don’t believe it is,” said CNN legal analyst Paul Callan, “because the officer involved is African-American. The passenger in the vehicle was African-American also.”

“The officer who shot this person dead was also African-American?” she pressed. (VIDEO: CNN Compares France’s Treatment Of Muslims With Ferguson)

“That’s correct,” Callan said.

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