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Houston Rapper Fatally Shoots Attacker During Carjacking, Home Invasion [VIDEO]

Chuck Ross Investigative Reporter
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A Houston-based rapper fatally shot a man who tried to carjack him and invade the home of one of his friends Tuesday night.

Tai Carr, who raps under the name Doughbeezy, says he was also pistol-whipped by the attacker and another man after escaping from his car during the robbery attempt.

“When they tried to kidnap me in my own car, I was able to fight my way out the car before being pistol whipped,” Carr wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Carr’s post, taken while he was at the hospital, also shows him with a swollen eye.

“After being pistol whipped, my friend and her family pulled up and we all got instructed to go in the house and that’s when God made a way for [me] to break loose and make it back to my trunk for my pistol,” he continued.

Carr’s friend is Dwan Banks, the owner of a record company whose son is friends with the rapper.

“Get back in the car, you’re being robbed!” Carr yelled to Banks as she pulled into her driveway in her black Mercedes SUV, she told the Houston Chronicle.

She also said that Carr later told her that when he was initially pulling up to the house, which lies in the quiet Cottage Grove neighborhood, the attackers were hiding near a trash can in the driveway.

Banks recognized the man, who was a relative of her ex-boyfriend. She said she had not seen him in years.

Despite Carr’s warnings, Banks exited the vehicle along with her children. The assailants forced them into the home.

But Carr was able to break free and retrieve a gun from the trunk of his car and fatally shoot one of the attackers.

The other, 23-year-old Marquez Romero Heckard, fled but was later arrested in a restroom at a nearby Wendy’s. He still had a gun on him.

“My daughter will be born in a week and if it wasn’t for God, I wouldn’t be here to see her take her first breath,” Carr wrote in his Instagram message.

“I definitely see him as a hero for what he did, for standing up for his friends and family, and protecting himself,” another Houston rapper, Paul Wall, told KRIV. “Thank God that we have the gun laws that we do, that he was able to protect himself and his family.”


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