This Is What It’s Like To Go From 0-40 In The Fastest Sedan Ever Made [VIDEO]

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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For months we’ve heard Tesla talk up its new all-wheel drive sedan’s 0-60 m.p.h. 3.2-second launch time — the fastest in the world, according to the company — but seeing passengers’ reactions to the car’s literal take-your-breath-away acceleration gives it new meaning.

YouTuber Raphael Colantonio posted a video this week of his friends’ first rides in his new Model S P85D, along with their priceless reactions to the car’s 0-40 m.p.h., sub 3-second acceleration. (RELATED: Watch This Tesla Take On A Dodge Challenger Hellcat)

Warning — their reactions are as profane as the car’s outrageous torque, which sucks passengers back in their seats, pushes the camera into the ceiling and sounds more like a wind tunnel than a car. (RELATED: Watch The New Tesla CRUSH The Old [VIDEO])


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