Are These Couples Seriously Going To Have Sex In A Box On Live Television? [VIDEO]

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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If you were unconvinced before that humanity as we know it has come to a screeching halt, this new show where a couple gets in a box on stage in front of a live audience and has sex ought to do the trick.

The series is aptly titled “Sex in a Box,” and it has nothing to do with homeless people. It involves people who have actual homes and actual beds, but are instead choosing to do it with someone in a box.

The trailer deems it the “boldest show on TV,” which is certainly one way to put it.

sex in a box tv show

(Photo: We TV screen capture)

sex in a box tv show

(Photo: We TV screen capture)

And this is the light-up box they have sex in, which is soundproof and camera-free, so at least they spared us that part, thankfully.

sex in a box tv show

(Photo: We TV screen capture)

And then the couples emerges to talk about it with three so-called sexperts — in front of a live audience — while dressed in matching silk robes and pajamas that would make Hugh Hefner blush. The whole purpose is for the couples to get relationship advice.

sex box tv show

(Photo: WeTV screen capture)

“Sex Box” first premiered in early 2014 in Britian, but the American version premieres on WE Tv Feb. 27 10 p.m.


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