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BuzzFeed or BuzzFake?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In continuing with our BuzzFeed series, today we have a story about the 19 ingredients found in McDonald’s french fries. Sounds rather BuzzFeedian, no? Or maybe even a explainer at this point. Ezra Klein is something of a foodie — he likes Chopt and fresh figs — he could easily tackle this.

Which pub would publish a story about the 19 ingredients found in McDonald’s french fries?

Was it BuzzFeed? Or does it just sound like the kind of click-bait they’d produce while insisting they pride themselves in not partaking in click-bait at all? Today’s headlines include: “19 Super Sneaky Ninja Cats” and “How are LGBT People Reacting To The UK’s New Gay Drama ‘Cucumber”? [RELATED: BuzzFeed Says It Doesn’t Do Click-Bait]

Actually, it’s not BuzzFeed. It’s The Washington Post.

As WaPo tweeted at 7:14 a.m. this morning, “There are 19 ingredients in McDonald’s french fries.”

The story gives McDonald’s a hard time for a new ad campaign in which they name the seven types of oil (among other scary ingredients) used to make the fries.

“There is such a thing as too much information—and when it comes to fast food french fries, the less people know, the more they can enjoy the food,” writes WaPo food and immigration blogger Roberto Ferdman. “If only McDonald’s would let them.”