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Memo to ‘The View’: The Other Rosie Needs To Go Too

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Here’s a case of who do you believe? A nameless, genderless ABC spokesperson for “The View” or Variety?

A few weeks ago, Variety reported that Rosie Perez was out at “The View” after just four months. In a few stories, they spelled out why — they didn’t find her to be too bright, sparks didn’t fly during “Hot Topics.” Execs ultimately decided she wasn’t a good fit.

After the news came out, “The View” co-host Rosie O’Donnell put her big mouth to work and declared on national TV that Rosie Perez would be back on the show on Feb. 3 after a stint on Broadway in Larry David‘s “Fish in the Dark.” She declared on Twitter that no matter what you read, the other Rosie stays. But it turns out Rosie O’Donnell didn’t know her rather large ass from her elbow because execs didn’t tell the hosts what was going down. Side note: Since when do they have to answer to Rosie O’Donnell?

As of Wednesday, Variety is now reporting that Rosie Perez is not being canned, that execs don’t want a NBC “TODAY Show” Ann Curry situation on their hands with the only Latina the program being hired — and quickly canned — in its entire 18 season history.

So now they’re supposedly keeping her around until they get their heads out of their asses.

In the meantime, an ABC spokesperson who refuses to say anything by name, denies there was ever a plan for Rosie Perez to leave.

“These unnamed sources are wrong,” an ABC spokesperson told Variety. “As was always the plan, the amazingly talented Rosie Perez took time off to rehearse for her Broadway play. We’re eagerly looking forward to having her back on February 3rd. Any speculation to the contrary is simply untrue.”

Sorry, ABC, not buying it. Variety‘s details are too specific. You clearly have an internal leaker on your hands.

But while we’re on the hot topic of Rosie Perez staying or leaving, how about considering getting rid of the other Rosie too? O’Donnell’s too loud. She overpowers segments in a way that’s unwatchable. She unironically uses the phrase “cutey patootie.”

“It’s never been such a mess,” an “insider” told Variety. “Nobody knows what’s going on.”

Look, you were right about Rosie Perez. She drowns guests with compliments. Her rants are irritating. That double Rosie segment is — and I’m not exaggerating here — excruciating.

It’s time to bring Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy back if you can possibly convince those ladies to return. Or here’s an idea: Keep Whoopi. Get rid of the other three and start over with a clean slate.

In December, NYP‘s Page Six strongly hinted that they’re not all that thrilled with Rosie O’Donnell either.

Memo to “The View”: There’s no shame in admitting you got it all wrong.