Rajon Rondo Can Dunk?! [VIDEO]

Scott Cook Contributor
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The Dallas Mavericks lost to the Memphis Grizzlies by a score of 109-90 in their Tuesday night game.

This is no surprise, as the Grizzlies are 33-12 on the year and in first place in the Southwest division. The big surprise in Tuesday’s game – and I mean BIG surprise – was that Maverick’s point guard, Rajon Rondo actually threw down a dunk!

Rondo, who is listed as 6’1 and lacks the explosiveness he once had after tearing his ACL in 2013, crashed the boards hard following a Devin Harris blown layup and miraculously threw down a nice put-back slam.

This was quite an unusual sight as Rondo is known for his ankle-breaking crossovers and flashy assists, not his rebounding or dunking abilities. The Grizzlies, like everyone else, seemed stunned by the play as no one even attempted to box-out Rondo.

I couldn’t tell you the last time I saw Rondo dunk. In fact, I didn’t even know Rondo could dunk! Good stuff from the little guy!