‘Morning Joe’ On Hillary: ‘There’s Such A Fatigue There,’ Jeb Will Win In 2016 [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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It’s only January and talk of 2016 Bush/Clinton fatigue is alive and well.

Appearing on “Morning Joe” Friday, guest host Donny Deutsch took aim at potential 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton, saying “there’s such a fatigue” about the Clinton name and a 2016 candidacy. Deutsch added that voters in 2016 will “want to change the channel” on Clinton.

Deutsch also made a bold prediction, telling the “Morning Joe” panel that former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush will win the presidency in 2016.

“I have said this often, and I like Hillary, I just think there’s such a fatigue there. The problem she also has is whenever she comes out of the gate it’s post-coronation and the media is ready to pounce,” Deutsch said. “Jeb, on the other hand, when he comes on, you lean in. We haven’t seen the face…I want to kind of hear what he has to say.

“So even though the names are familiar, I think she’s much, much, much, much more in a position of being the one who seems tired,” Deutsch said.

“If you just take the name, just as words, if you will, I think Bush right now because we’re still eight years away from [George W. Bush], and we know kind of how that ended. The name itself,” Deutsch said. “But then when you put the visual on and we are a visual medium, we look at television and you lean in.”

“I think when you see those two faces, Hillary, I just think it’s been too many years. I want to change the channel,” he continued. “Jeb? Hey, wait a second, this Jeb guy, I heard about him, I kind of heard good things about him. haven’t seen him. haven’t listened to him. I’m leaning in. So when I take the entire package, Clinton much more fatigued. The name by itself, which we never see, we just see names, it’s Bush.”

“Jeb Bush is our next president,” Deutsch added. “Like it or not, Jeb Bush is our next president.”