Foreign Policy Scholars Rank John Kerry Least Effective Secretary Of State In 50 Years

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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When asked by Foreign Policy who the most effective secretary of state of the past 50 years has been, 1,615 foreign policy scholars ranked current Secretary of State John Kerry dead last. (VIDEO: Marco Rubio Slams Kerry’s ‘Absurd’ ISIS Statement)

“Who was the most effective U.S. secretary of state of the past 50 years?” the survey asks. By far the highest ranked secretary of state is Henry Kissinger, who garnered 32.31 percent of the vote. Coming in second with 18.32 percent is a figure who also ranks highly in GOP presidential primary polls: “Don’t Know.” In third with 17.71 percent of the vote is Bush 41 Secretary of State James Baker.

No other secretary received more than ten percent of the vote, but Hillary Clinton came in tied in fourth with 8.7 percent. Coming dead-last in 13th, with only .31 percent of the vote, was current Secretary of State John Kerry.

He was ranked lower than even Bush 41 recess appointee Lawrence Eagleburger, who served barely a month for a lame duck president. (VIDEO: BBC Mocks John Kerry For James Taylor ‘Soft Power’ Diplomacy)

[h/t The Washington Post]

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