Drunk, Fat Guy Has His Face Rearranged By Kickboxer’s Feet, Fists [VIDEO]

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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There’s very little information available regarding the following, mysterious video.

After watching, I cannot discern what country this is supposed to take place in, I can’t even tell what language these guys are speaking, but I was able to glean the narrative’s core message: drunk, fat guys all across the world need to stop picking fights with trained martial artists.

It just never works out the way they think it will.


To be honest, this guy broke two cardinal rules of drunk, fat guy Fight Club.

1) When you go down, stay down. If he hadn’t gotten back up after that roundhouse, he wouldn’t have worn that Superman punch right in the face.

2) You don’t fight guys with back tattoos. Just don’t do it.

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