D’Souza: Obama Rejection Of Islamic Extremism Akin To Denying Nazis Involved In Concentration Camps [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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President Obama’s unwillingness to connect the brutal murders of hostages by ISIS and other Middle Eastern terror groups to Islamic extremism continues to confound conservatives across the spectrum.

In an appearance with NewsmaxTV’s Steve Malzberg, conservative author Dinesh D’Souza punched back at the Obama administration’s unwillingness to make the connection. D’Souza remarked that Obama’s decision not to blame Islamic extremists for the problems in the Middle East would be like saying the concentration camps in Nazi Germany during World War II had nothing to do with the Nazi ideology.

“You know, you’ve had powerful ideological movements through history. We can think about the rise of the Bolsheviks. We can think about the rise of the Nazi’s in the 1930s,” D’Souza said.

“Now imagine if you were looking at something like that, an ideological movement, motivated by a shared belief system, in this case radical Islam in the case of ISIS or al-Qaida, and you looked at that and some how were able to edit out all of the motivations of the group itself, and then you declared them to be a band of garden variety criminals,” the conservative commentator said. “This would be blindness on an incredible scale.”

“It’s sort of like watching the Nazi concentration camps and denying A) that it’s Nazism is motivating it, and B) that it’s targeting of the Jews,” D’Souza said. “There’s a lot of violence going on here, there’s a lot of gas, there’s a lot of people, but refusing to actually describe what’s happening in front of you. There’s a willful blindness.”