Charles Barkley Shares His Views On Life On ‘The Tonight Show’

Andrew Lief Contributor

Charles Barkley was a guest on “The Tonight Show” Wednesday and spoke about his views on life.

He believes there are only five real jobs in life.

“Teacher, firemen, policemen, doctors, somebody who is in the armed service,” Barkley said. “Everybody else should shut the hell up and enjoy life.”

There’s also one item that should be ordered when going to Domino’s, according to Barkley.

“Just pizza,” he said. “I don’t want no wings. I don’t want no bread. I don’t want bread sticks. When I go to Domino’s I just want pizza. Now they’re selling pasta. If I wanted pasta, I’d go to Apple Garden. Ugh, ugh, Olive Garden.”

This appearance was classic Barkley and just another reason why he’s the best person in sports television.